Dirty Bear PRO


Built to deliver precision that will help you reign everything from terrain parks and halfpipe to big jumps and all-terrain freestyle. The hefty camber construction supports instant grip, delivers ultra-fast response to your every input and helps cushion the impact of big air landings. The front tip rocker supports effortless turn initiation and nose butters. It delivers top performance on hard packed snow without compromising the all-terrain freestyle skiing. The semi-cap sidewall construction and the durable corrund top sheet material additionally improves performance and provides a more durable scratch resistant topsheet.


The Dirty Bear PRO. Prepare to experience the feel and flex of the tip to tail wood core and directional twin-tip shape.

Easy to handle and fast to respond, the Dirty Bear PRO skis were developed with our Japanese Freestyle Team.



150 cm, 160 cm, 174 cm, 180 cm